Maciej Sopyło


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I’ve been programming since the age of eight, thanks to my parents getting me the excellent Game Programming for Teens on christmas. I’ve been hooked ever since, and while I started with BASIC, stuck with Object Pascal / Delphi for a bit and tried pretty much any language I could get my hands on I fell in love with the slightly dopey member of the programming world - Javascript.

To put things into perspective: when I started doing web development IE6 was the dominant browser and AJAX was just coined as a term. Since then I’ve used pretty much all JS libraries and frameworks on both front- and back-end (does anyone even remember MooTools at this point?).

I also like Java / Android development, used Swift (and am waiting for it to properly come to Android) and ejnoy an occastional project in Erlang.

I firmy believe that sofware should be free (as in “free speech”, I do believe in capitalism as well) - my personal systems run GNU/Linux (Arch to be specific) and I’ve been able to more or less avoid nonfree software - save for games. I’m a proud Associate Member of Free Software Foundation and like to improve free software in my spare time.